Sask Beauty Supply Rainbow Surprise Candle- Bellybutton Ring Candle

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Rainbow layers of all natural wax! Each Layer smells diffrent!

Made only with: Soy Wax, Beeswax, Essential Oils and Love!

Handmade Surprise Candle!

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Ingredients: All Natural Soy Wax and Beeswax, Special Wax Dyes, Pure Essential oils, Lemon and Orange rinds.

7 Color Rainbow Candles (Every Layer Has Different Scent) and are made with Love!

These bellybutton ring candles are so special and so fun! With their bright rainbow layers and surprise inside! There is one candle with the biggest prize inside (Gorgeous Silver Belly-ring, Tree of Life Ring size 8, and Earrings) and the remaining candles contain one belly-ring at random and more!

You’ll never know which one your going to get until you burn the first layer or two of the candle!

Instructions: Once you see something emerging in the wax, you can get ready to retrieve prize. Using tweezers or something similar, blow candle out and check if the foil will lift out easily. If not relight and allow to burn a little longer. If it lifts easily, remove from wax and set down on heat resistant surface. Once cooled, carefully unwrap the item from the foil, and Voila! You have revealed your surprize gift!

I have also hidden coupon codes on the bottoms of many of the candles! Coupon codes range from $5-$15 and will grant you that dollar amount off of any website purchase!


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