Sask Beauty Supply Diamond Line Sample Package (Diamond Clear Gel)


Try the Sask Beauty Supply Diamond Gel Line!

Vegan, hypoallergenic, low-odour and no heat spike!

We promise no lifts, no breaks plus strong & beautiful nails, everytime!


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INSTRUCTIONS: Clean hands with soap and water, allow to dry thoroughly. To dehydrate the nail plate, cover nails with a thin layer of primer and allow to dry a full 30 seconds. Repeat if necessary and follow with base coat curing for 60 seconds in LED gel lamp. Apply Builder Gel and cure for 60 seconds. Repeat as necessary. Wipe nail with cleanser plus or acetone. File with emery board or nail drill to shape and smooth. Apply color gel and/or topcoat to finish.


-7.3ml Bottle Sask Beauty Supply Diamond Line Primer

-7.3ml Bottle Sask Beauty Supply Diamond Line Base Coat

-10g Tub Sask Beauty Supply Diamond Line “Diamond Clear” Builder Gel -800


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