Sask Beauty Amped Up With Nail Drill-Gel Nail Starter Kit®

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This is Sask Beauty Supply best and biggest Kit ever! Not only are you getting EVERYTHING you need to do nails and more, you’re getting an amazing professional high-powered 35000 RPM Drill!

You’re going to get to choose your own Glitter (pick 2) , you’re going to get eight Gel Polishes in YOUR preferences. You will be choosing your diamonds and your fav Builder gel colour!

Making my gel nail kits the MOST customizable kits in the world! Correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe they are!

If you can find a kit that is AS or MORE customizable I’m going to give you your kit for free! Because I don’t think that’s such a product exists except for here at Sask Beauty Supply! The choices are in your hands! I’ve set you up with everything else you need and of course a tutorial step-by-step pamphlet. And of course I’m available for questions and phone calls! Please never feel shy to ask questions! I want to see you succeed!

Amanda 306-717-5533


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IF SHIPPING IS REQUIRED YOU MAY CHOSE 14.99 Canada Post EXPEDITED (5-14 Business Days) OR $29.99 Canada Post PRIORITY (1-4 Business Days)

Kit Includes:

One Professional 80W or 86W LED/UV Nail Lamp (Your Choice)

√ 35,000 RPM Professional Nail Drill with Assorted Bits

√ 50 Extra Arbor Bands

√ 500 Nail Tips (Your Choice Of Style!)

√ 2 Nail Glue

√ 22 Butterfly Nail Forms

√ IBD Dehydrate 14ml (Nail Pre-Step)

√ Tina Bonder 14ml (Primer/Base)

√ No Wipe Top Coat 15ml

√ Matte Top Coat 10ml

√ IBD Builder Gel (2 oz large tub) (Your Choice)

√ Hot Pink Nail Rest/Prop Pillow with Washable Zippered Cover

√ 8 Colors of Your Own Choice

√ 2 Sask Glitters

√ Rhinestone Wheel (Your Choice!)

√ Diamond Pen

√ 24 Piece Dot Swatching Kit

√ 32 Piece Fan Nail Swatch Set

√ 15ml Gel Polish Black Gel Polish (1348)

√ 15ml Gel Polish White Gel Polish (1323)

√ Rose Gold Cuticle Pusher Tool

√ Cuticle Nipper Tool

√ Dried Nail Art Flowers

√ Pink or Blue Lint Free Wipes (100)

√ Cleanser Plus (2 Bottles)

√ Sask Beauty Supply 99% Isopropyl Alcohol in Pink Spritz Bottle

√ Cuticle Oil Pens (random scent)

√  Orange Sticks

√ 2 Nail Scrubbing Tools

√ Dust Brush

√ 15 Piece Gel Brush/ Design Brush Set

√ Homemade Brush Holder (SBS)

√ Sask Beauty Supply Step by Step Instructional Pamphlet


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