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Why shop at Sask Beauty Supply?

Save money!

Sask Beauty Supply prices are very very competitive!! Save money by doing your own nails with my help! Switch over your high-priced cosmetics for my products and you wont miss it. Great prices, reasonable shipping costs.

Save time!

Who has time to test all these random products that you don’t know about!?! ..Or wait months for products to come in the mail. Let me do that for you and GUARANTEE that I’ll never have anything in my store that I wouldn’t use personally.

One stop shop!

I try to stock my store with a wide variety of products that are consistently selling. Anything from LED light strands -to eyebrow tinting gel – to high quality LED gel nail lamps, I sell quality gel products and kits to beginners, and professionals. I also can send a step-by-step pamphlet upon request!

Allow me to tell you a little more about me, Amanda Detillieux- Owner/Operator and Founder of Sask Beauty Supply. Me and my son, Julian reside in Saskatoon where I’ve lived my entire life. I have a very large family on both sides, most of whom reside in Saskatoon as well! I started my company in 2019, becoming licensed and registered in June 2019 and I was pleased to see that my business soared! It was at this time that I had just finished three years of school to become a red seal chef. It’s funny how your passions can shift unexpectedly. But still doing both and a single mom! Busy as hell and ….I love it!!! I’d like to offer the world a fresh take on buying beauty and gel supplies/colours and products. I’d like to inspire people to try new things and to be adventurous. I encourage you to treat, pamper and spoil yourself! Because sometimes, feeling beautiful is all it takes to feel confident and ready to take on the world! I look forward to having you guys with me for this journey. I believe it’s going to be Fabulous! Just like us WOMEN Are!!! AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, FABULOUS and POWERFUL! WE have to BUILD each other up! Support each other in any way we can! So, to wrap this up. I hope you enjoy shopping with me! Keep coming back! I’m constantly working towards growth and opportunity. Please e-mail or FB message anytime! AND I cannot say this enough… THANK YOU so, SO much for choosing Sask Beauty Supply to be your local beauty supplier. Your support means everything! Stay BEAUTIFUL.